kind of a small array

106 N Main, Magdalena, New Mexico

A project of artist Hills Snyder, kind of a small array is a humble space for art, poetry, and music. Set up like a lounge in an artist's studio, the space invites interaction. During evening events the lounge moves out onto the sidewalk for lingering and conversation. Previous iterations: Laundry Lounge, The Pilot Hole, Sala Diaz, Wolverton Home Concerts.

Open most Thursday, Fridays, and Saturdays, 11am to 3pm
and by appointment 210.473.9062
If the blue light is on, I'm open.

Current Schedule



Previously hosted artists, poets, film makers, and musicians:
Bale Creek Allen, David Berkeley, Michael Bisbee, Jenny Browne, Garrett T. Capps, Ty Cary, Nate Cassie, Ben Daitz, Tina Deschenie, Alejandro Diaz, Joey Fauerso, Milton Faver, David Halley, Bruce Holsapple, Mary Lance, Ken Little, Longriver, Scott Martin, Jack Massing, Gordon McConnell, Jeff McMillan, Sheila Miles, Kat O'Connor, Paper Moon Shiners, Larry Bob Phillips & Polly Schaafsma, Jo Carol Pierce, Estelle Roberge, Walter Salas-Humara, Chris Sauter, Ansen Seale, Ryan Seward & Andrew Weathers, Ethel Shipton, James Surls, Kate Terrell, Michael Thompson, Jeff Wheeler & Daniel Johnston, Ralph White, Wolverton.

Collaborations with Magdalena Stage:
Kim Nuzzo: Multitudes / Cara Snyder: The Pauper Witch of Grafton

Performers at Wolverton Home Concerts, San Antonio, TX
2013 – 2018:

At War with Dust, Ben Balinger, Galen Ballinger, Brian Beattie and Valerie Fowler (Ivy and The Wicker Suitcase), Bettysoo, Aimee Bobruk, Ray Bonneville, Buttercup, Garrett T. Capps, Dana Cooper, Demitasse, Alex Dezen, Tim Easton, Paul Fauerso, Sarah Fisch, Kullen Fuchs, Cris Galvan, Sam Gendel, Colin Gilmore, The Josh Glenn Experiment, Nicolette Good, Boone Graham, Grand Marais, David Halley, Butch Hancock, Billy Harvey, The Dad Horse Experience, Hyperbubble, Jenifer Jackson, Michael J. and The Foxes, Jesse Jenkins, Kristy Kruger, Vanessa Lively, Bob Livingston, Korby Lenker, Bill Lewis, Longriver, Little Mazarn, Erik Moll, More Eaze, Claude Butch Morgan, Gurf Morlix, The Nat'l Parks, Salim Nourallah, Paper Moon Shiners, Vanessa Peters, Rod Picott, Jo Carol Pierce, Mason Reed, Joe Reyes, Matthew Rose, Matt the Electrician, Isabella Russell-Ides, Mike Ryan, Matthew Squires, The Saarinens, Sid St. Onge, Walter Salas-Humara, Dusty Santamaria, Cara Snyder, Son of Town Hall, Devon Sproule, Jason Trevino, Vandaveer, Ralph White, Jason Wilber, Wolverton, YesBodyElse, Brandy Zdan, Zigtebra.

Photo: Scott Martin